Autozone price match and price adjustment policy [Detailed Guide]

price match with autozone

AutoZone is one of the most popular auto parts stores and trendy automobile niche-related business services providing in Autozone stores approximately 50 stores within the US. Many of them have serious doubts, does AutoZone price match? After reading this article, your doubt will be cleared, and we have done a detailed analysis of price match related questions.

We truly believe you will have a good time while reading this article, and we will try our best to provide A-Z information about Autozone pricing and more.

Auto Zone or O’Reilly Auto Parts has a price match program, or if they have paused, their program will be cleared at the end of this article. Mainly we will focus on Autozone price match policy and price adjustment related questions.

Price match into the local retail competition just O’Reilly or bad boys or Autozone whatever the other small up like outer parts store is no they were even price match places with different competitors. which is good and best rewards program 

Actual AutoZone might be selling the same product at a higher price, and you know how much it is at Walmart $12.40 so you’re saving little the ten bucks on them and with the same prices as you buy in AutoZone with price match.

autozone price match

Does Autozone price match Guarantee?

Before getting into the AutoZone price match, let me clear you what the price match program is? Price match can help you save a few bucks rather than spending more for the same with any other retailers. If any other retailer is listed with the same product with a lower price and if AutoZone has higher, then you can contact their support team and opt for a price match with the same lower price. 

Autozone has a price match program with all auto parts and in-store purchases. On reviewing online, Autozone hasn’t mentioned price matching online. Few store managers in Autozone are matching prices like online stores like RockAuto.

We hope you would have got an answer will Autozone price match or not, am I correct? But stay connected with this article and we will try to let you know more information.

Let me tell you with detailed instructions on which you should be prepared before contacting Autozone team for matching prices with any lower price. We understand your time is very precious and we will help you with quick points which Autozone won’t cover the metrics under price match. 

Process to request price match guarantee :

  1. If you wish to price match with any lower price in Autozone has few restrictions apply to obey while honoring. If you have decided to shop physically by visiting Autozone stores then you are eligible to request matching prices with any nearby auto-parts retailers. 
  2. If you have purchased it online then it won’t be eligible to request a price match online as well as in store. 
  3. In order to price match the product should be in-stock in competitors website.
  4. Autozone will accept any price match with limited nearby area stores.
  5. Before you contact them requesting for price match make sure you have all the details like product model number and competitor’s website link to help store associates to validate price match.

Tip : Price matching totally depends upon your store manager. We have contacted Autozone store managers and few had rejected matching prices and other stores manager were able to validate price matches. So it totally depends upon your store manager 🙂

Autozone price adjustment policy :

Price adjustment is usually a great opportunity for any customers who have already placed orders and if the price gets lowered you can get in touch with the retailer support team to get a partial refund to the same mode of payment. We know how hard to earn money and using price adjustment policy we can save a few bucks minimum.

I’m afraid to inform you that Autozone retailer don’t have price adjustment policy. If you find your recently purchased product with lower price you cannot get a refund of the difference amount even if you have any proof of purchase with lower price listed liveon any retailer.

You might have doubts: Does Autozone price match amazon and rockauto, correct?

Autozone doesn’t price match with any online retailers like amazon, rockauto, Walmart online price. As we have mentioned the price match is eligible as long as you make purchases in Autozone store and nearby auto-mobile related retailers like NAPA Auto Parts and others.

price match with autozoneFaqs :

Does AutoZone offer military discounts?

Autozone do respect military veterans however sadly Autozone doesn’t offer any military discounts as of now.

Does AutoZone offer student discounts?

No, Autozone retailer doesn’t have student discount program.

Does AutoZone offer birthday discounts?

Upon research as of now Autozone is not offering birthday discounts.

Does AutoZone offer senior discounts?

No, right now senior discount is not offered by Autozone.

Does AutoZone offer teacher discounts?

According to Autozone official website teacher discounts is not an active program right now.


Wrapping Up: 

I personally frequently visit websites for any product to find the best deal and get a price match and give my business for my priority shopping website. Finally you are at the end of Autozone price match article. 

We hope the above information is helpful and cleared your doubts. If you have any additional information to be included please do let us know in the comment section.


I know how hard we earn money and I myself try to find some best discounted offers to get done shopping at lower price then other retailers are priced at. In this blog we will strive hard to provide you in detail guide about price matching done by all the major retailers.

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