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Finally 😍, you have landed at right place to know in detail about Best Buy price match and price protection policy guide. We know you might have read multiple articles regarding Best Buy price match validations or related information in social networks. Few might have been confused and not clear to the point.

In this article we will make things easy for you to understand in a simple manner. We have verified this information from office Best Buy price match policy and as well as multiple resources.

We can assure you by the end of this article you will be aware of everything about Best Buy protection plan policy and price match related questions like below.

👉Does Best Buy price match with any website? 

👉Will Best Buy price match after purchase?

👉How can I know if I’m qualified for the price match?

The above questions might be few however, we have assured you we will provide A-Z guide of Best Buy price match in this article. 

Note: Please do not skip any sentence or paragraph because you might miss some crucial information which matters a high priority. 

How Best Buy Price match Guarantee works or Rules:

Best Buy price match to validate

Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee allows customers to request a difference in price on a current lower price or previous purchase if the worth is found lower at the best Buy or a legitimate competitor.

For example :

If you are about to place an order with Best Buy and obviously few folks trust Best Buy and want to give their business to them however pricing might be higher when compared to other competitors. 

Let me tell you can directly contact Best Buy chat support team online or you can visit the store or phone team to opt for matching prices.

Note : The only way to match the price of other competitors or within Best Buy price is by contacting their support team through chat or in-store or phone team. 

Following are the key points to make sure for price match request:

  • Once you trigger a new chat, the first thing customer support agents will ask you is to provide SKU number of the product or model number and competitor website link on which price is lower. 
  • Please make sure the product model number from Best Buy and competitor website should be the same.
  • If the product is a gaming product, then make sure the release date is the same.
  • Each and every product will have UPC number (You can find in product specifications). To make sure you are contacting them for price matches with identical products. We suggest you to copy the UPC number from Best Buy website and paste it in the competitors search bar. 
  • Once you paste UPC number and if the same product pop’s up with lower price, rest assured price match is eligible 🙂
  • The lower price of the product should be listed on the product page but not in the cart section or checkout section. 
  • If the competitor is offering any kind of special discount coupons or free items it cannot be price matched. 
  • If the product price is lower after applying any promo or coupon in a competitor website it won’t be considered for price match validation because as I said the product should be lower on the exact product page. 
  • Best Buy won’t price match with any third-party retailers as they might sell refurbished products as well. In order to price match the product should be shipped and sold by competitor itself. 

For example:

If the same product you are looking to purchase is found with a lower price in Amazon or with any competitor. First make sure to check the model number and it is shipped and sold by Amazon. The same rule applies to other competitors as well if we are matching price with Walmart it should be shipped and sold by Walmart.

  •  Best Buy won’t price match with any free items or gift cards or any kind of coupons offered by competitor websites. Best Buy does match with the product price present on the product page.
  • The price match product should be in stock on both websites (Best Buy + Competitor website).
  • Best Buy price matches with brand new products only. You cannot opt for a price match with any open-box , refurbished products. 
  • If the product price is listed with a special price like a clearance sale, special promotion, limit 1 per household restrictions, member only price ( login to see price) consider your price match is not eligible. 
  • Best Buy won’t price match with any pre-order products. 
  • If you are contacting for price match with any competitor be aware if it is a national competitor or regional competitor. 

If you are contacting to match price with REGIONAL COMPETITOR then follow below instructions.

  • Before you trigger a new chat for a price match with Best Buy agent, please make sure the product model number and specifications are the same.
  • The product should be shipped and sold by the competitor itself.
  • If the model number is matching then locate the nearby store locator on the competitor website.
  • In order to price match with any regional retailer, you should have a store of the same competitor within 25 miles from your Best Buy store location. Are we clear? Let me know in the comments.
  • If any store pops up within 25 miles after entering your location zip code, then it is eligible for matching price. 
  • If there is no store within 25 miles while matching with a regional retailer, then I’m afraid to inform you that PRICE MATCH IS NOT ELIGIBLE (SORRY).
  • Few regional retailers such as B&H Photo Video,, MicroCenter,,,, Meijer, PC Richard & Son, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and etc..

If you are contacting a price match with NATIONAL RETAILER then follow the below instructions. 

  • Make sure the model number and specifications are matching both in Best Buy as well as competitors website.
  • The product should be shipped and sold by the competitor itself. (If you see product is sold and shipped by some third party retailer it is not valid price match)
  • It is not necessary to check store availability with national retailers.
  • The product price should be lower on the product page rather than cart and checkout pages.
  • If the model number is matching and price is lower on the product page PRICE MATCH IS ELIGIBLE. congrats 🙂
  • Few national competitors such as Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Sam’s Club, Staples, Gamestop, Home Depot, JC Penney and etc..
  • Best Buy doesn’t price match with any gift cards.

All about Best Buy price protection policy : 

Suppose you have already placed an order from Best Buy and all of a sudden the price went lower when compared to the paid price. You can take advantage of Best Buy price protection policy. 

As long as your order is within return and exchange period, you are eligible to get a partial refund of the difference amount by contacting Best Buy chat support team or in-store or through phone support team at 1-888-237-8289.

Best Buy offers three different types of return and exchange policy as below.

  1. Standard members – 15 days of return or exchange 
  2. Elite members – 30 days of return and exchange 
  3. Elite plus members – 45 days of return and exchange 

Any device which requires activations such as mobile devices are eligible for 14 days and major appliance products 15 days of return and exchange period. Best Buy Return and Exchange policy

Which stores does best buy price match guarantee?

If you wish to opt for a price match offline, then you have an option to visit any nearest Best Buy store physically. Once you visit a store Best Buy store associates will be more than happy to validate the price match and help you in placing orders from their end.

You just need to help Best Buy store associates with competitor website link + Best Buy product SKU number or model number. 

Best Buy has 1000’s of stores and you can visit any nearest Best Buy store to opt for price match guarantee.

Will best buy price match for Elite , Elite plus members with special consideration?

Best Buy price match guarantee remains the same for Elite, Elite plus and standard members. However despite being Elite and Elite plus members. If you wish to place an order with lower for identical items then they might honour it as a one-time exception (It totally depends upon Best Buy chat support team). 

Note : You can ask customer support agent to take approval from his supervisor and honour it (We are not ensuring any promise like it would be honoured)

In case if you were honored please do comment what was your strategy to get more than one quantity for identical items.

Does Best Buy price match with the student discount?

Let me tell you Best Buy won’t honour any price match with any kind of discount offered by competitors. Student discount is considered a special discount program. Either you can opt for a student discount or price match. 

Price match + student discount Best Buy won’t honor it.

Note : If you have a student discount with Best Buy then we recommend you to make use of it while placing an order. If you have already placed and if you request them to adjust the price of student discount it cannot be done as student discount can be applied while placing order similar to any other kind of coupons or special promo’s. 

Best Buy price match with Gamers club discount ?

Gamers Club program was active earlier however it has been canceled and the folks who have already opted for this program will receive its benefits until their plan gets expired. Note: Gamers club cannot be renewed as it has been discontinued currently. 

Price match with Gamers club discount won’t be a valid price match. Any special offer or special discounted program cannot be combined while matching price.

Which competitors does Best Buy price match?

Best Buy does price match with all National + Regional retailers who are into major e-commerce retailer. Any website who are into legit full time e-commerce like Amazon, Walmart, Target and more are eligible for price match. 

Best Buy doesn’t price match with any third party sellers nor retailers who doesn’t have stores within 25 miles as well like,,,, and more. Click here to know more about Best Buy Student deals policy

Does best buy price match military discount?

Best Buy does respect military veterans however right now they are not honoring it (Verified officially through Best Buy chat support).

You can take a look at other deals like student discounts, deals of the day and others. Please navigate to Best Buy’s website for more information

Does Best Buy’s price match Apple Education discount?

As we told you Best Buy won’t combine any offer while matching prices with any competitors or within Best Buy. Apple education discount is not a valid price match however Best Buy customers can take advantage of student discounts. College students who are pursuing full time college can take advantage in store as well as online. Click here to know more about Best Buy Student deals policy

List of questions about Best Buy honoring price match: 

Does Best Buy price match with Costco ?

Yes, Best Buy price matches with costco website as long as the product is not listed as a member only price. If any product is listed as member pricing it cannot be honored online. However you can give it a try by visiting Best Buy store. You need to login into Costco website and show the price to Best Buy store associates to validate in-front and help you in placing order with lower price.

Does Best Buy price match Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath and beyond, Home Depot, kohls, lowes?

Any national retailer will have 1000’s of third party sellers. As we have discussed above Best Buy won’t price match with any third party sellers. If any product is sold and shipped by competitor itself with the same model number the price match would be valid.

Also let me tell you if any product is listed for in-store price only then it is not a valid price match. Best Buy price matches only if the product price is lower online not with any competitor stores like Walmart.

Note : Specifically in Amazon website a couple of times you might see seller name as “Best Buy” as well. Yes, Best Buy acts as seller in multiple third party websites as well. If it is shipped and sold by Best Buy in Amazon then it’s a valid price match 🙂

Does Best Buy price match Microcenter?

Most of the products listed in Microcenter are Limit 1 per household + in-store only price. 

As long as the product is not labeled with Limit 1 per household + in-store only price on product page it is a valid price match if model number matches. 

Does Best Buy price match google store and ebay marketplace?

Google shopping and Ebay are the public platforms where any user can create a store and start selling their product which doesn’t come under major e-commerce business. Also most of the products are shipped and sold by third party sellers. Best Buy doesn’t price match with Ebay and Google shopping platform.

Wrapping up:

Hurray! You have just read in detail to guide about Best Buy price match policy and its key points to consider before requesting a chat support agent to validate. We hope this detailed article has provided information regarding price match guarantee with Best Buy. 

Our only intention is to provide accurate information about Best Buy price match policy to save your time before contacting Best Buy support team. We will update this article once we notice any update officially from Best Buy website policy details

We are cooking more price match policies of other retailers like Walmart, Gamestop, Target, Amazon, AutoZone too. Please let me know if you have any doubts in the comment section. 


I know how hard we earn money and I myself try to find some best discounted offers to get done shopping at lower price then other retailers are priced at. In this blog we will strive hard to provide you in detail guide about price matching done by all the major retailers.

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