[2020] Costco Price Match or Adjustment policy online guide

Costco price match

Costco Price Match Guarantee Policy : We all look for the best deals and offers while doing shopping online market especially while doing price match or adjustments. Many retailers are doing their business with some different policies. 

If we talk about Costco, It is popular wholesale corporation that provides a huge discount to its users. This is an American-based company that deals in both, store and online. Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world who are providing huge discounts to the club members who are the paying annual membership fee.  

What is Costco Price Match Policy in Detail

Costco Price Match Policy is just like when a user buys something from the Costco warehouse and if the price of the product gets down, then the user can initiate the difference amount from Costco. 

As it happens when Costco refused to pay the price difference amount, at that time, you can return the product and can buy from any other store at a cheaper price.

Costco also offers more discounts on Black Friday in December. They try the best efforts to keep the competitive prices from other places like Walmart and Best Buy

Costco Price Match Adjustment Policy costco price match logo

If you are a regular customer of Costco then you should be aware that the price will be quite different from other retailers. Just like that, if you purchase a product and after sometime, the price of the product gets down then you will get the adjustment price for that product. It is a great benefit for all their customers. 

Many people are confused about the policy, is it applicable to both store and online. So let me tell you that Costco’s price match policy in the store is the same as online. So the shoppers don’t have to worry about it. There are some points that a user needs to know about the Costco Price Match Adjustment Policy. 

  • Costco also provides proper price adjustments to their customers even on Black Friday, so users don’t have to worry about it.
  • The price adjustment amount will be credited to your account within 3 – 5 business days, so users have to wait until.
  • Costco provides huge discounts in December also, it doesn’t matter if there is a huge demand for any product. 
  • The most important thing is that if a user had done some shopping on the store then they are not liable to apply for online price adjustments, as they will not accept it. 

Costco Price Adjustment Policy After 30 Days

The users who have bought something from Costco and they have found some price difference then they can apply for the Price Adjustment within 30 days of purchase. If your purchase date has not happened more than 30 days then your product is eligible for the price adjustment. 

If you want the price adjustment then you can call the toll-free number 1 (800) 774-2678 or a user can also fill the form in the account section, your query will be solved very soon. 

Exclusive for Price Match Guide Viewers  : Get a Gift Card to Spend at Costco!

About Costco Memberships

In Costco two types of membership as below.

Gold Star Membership : Pricing would be $60 annually which permits to do shopping at any costco location.

Gold Star Executive Membership : Price would be $60 a year. Executive members get an annual 2% reward on qualifying Costco purchase. Let me tell you one good news this membership price can earn by doing regular shopping with Costco website.

Costco Price Match Policy Canada

There is the same Price Match policy for Canada shoppers, as they can also go for the price adjustment within 30 days of purchase, after that it will not be concluded. There is a condition that they will do Price Match only if they have the same product in their stock, or else they cannot do it.

There is one more condition that the customer should be within a radius of 200 km from Canada. If a user of Canada follows all the things then can either call them on a toll-free number or mail to the company. You just need to add your location and go for the price adjustment option to proceed further. 

Costco Price Match Adjustment Policy Receipt

As we have seen many users have a doubt that are they liable for price adjustments if they have no receipts. Then the answer is, it depends on location. Some Costco stores ask for a receipt and some Costco doesn’t ask for it.

So it will be a far better option that if you have a receipt then you should bring it with you for the fast process. They will print the price adjustment on the backside of your receipt, it will be easier for all of them. 

As I have already said that some of them will do the price adjustment without any receipt but in some locations, you need a receipt for the price adjustment. But if you have no receipt then you can go with a customer service help-desk, they will make a duplicate receipt for you after verifying all the details. 

If you have a membership card from Costco then it will be a great option. If you have no receipt then they can verify all of your purchases through the membership card number, they record all the things.

Faqs price match faqs

Costco price match amazon, Best Buy, Walmart?

No, right now Costco doesn’t honor price match.

What is Costco Membership?

1) A Gold Star Membership 2) A Gold Star Executive Membership. We have explained about this above.

Costco allow price adjustments?

Yes, They accept price adjustment for the products purchased  in any Costco store. In 30 days we can opt for price adjustment.

Does Costco price match tires?

Sorry, Costco does not price match tires.

Costco online price vs in store?

Products sold online may vary pricing than the same products listed at any local Costco warehouse.

Will Costco honor old sale price?

No, old price is not considered however if the product price is lower within 30 days then you can request price adjustment.

Costco customer service number?

Here it is 1 (800) 774-2678.

Wrapping UP:

We hope you have understood about Costco Price Match and Adjustment policy details. If you have any doubts please do let us know.


I know how hard we earn money and I myself try to find some best discounted offers to get done shopping at lower price then other retailers are priced at. In this blog we will strive hard to provide you in detail guide about price matching done by all the major retailers.

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