DSW Price Match and Price Adjustment Guide [Everything to Know]

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Folks are searching for DSW Price Match, as they want to save some money. Shopping at DSW is always a great thing but let us know does DSW offers the price match facility to their users. We will discuss DSW Price Adjustment policy as well and more details. 

About DSW Price Match

DSW means Designer Shoe Warehouse, which is a popular retail platform where users will get branded designer shows and various other fashion accessories. DSW is an American retail store. price match

The Price Match takes place when there is a different price of the same product at different stores.

But let me tell you a clear thing that DSW does not provide any price match, as they have not mentioned anywhere in their policy. We know as it is really a sad to know however if we get an update, this article will be updated and notified. 

DSW Price Adjustments Policy

The Price Adjustment takes place when there is a price difference among the same merchandise in a particular time frame. Now let me tell you a clear thing that DSW doesn’t offer any price adjustments.

The item you bought from the store will be yours when you purchase it. There is the only option, which is to return it.

But, you don’t have to worry about it, if you want to make your experience better then you can also go with a Price Protection facility, which is provided by the credit card companies.

Now if your credit card also provides this facility then you will get the refund amount of the purchase that you have made earlier, and now the price of that particular product reduces.

There is also a certain time limit, which is offered by the company of which the credit card you are using. 

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DSW Online Return Policy

DSW Exchange policy and return policy are the same, users are allowed to claim a refund within 90 days of the purchase. A user will get the full amount of refund with their original form of payment, it also includes PayPal. 

The return will be possible only when a user will return it without opening or using it.

A user needs to show the original invoice at the time of refund so that DSW can validate your request and provide a refund in your account. 

As we have already said that DSW does not offers any Price Match or Price Adjustment Policy but for any queries or assistance, you can contact the customer service on this number 1-888-874-6326.

FAQsprice match faqs

Is it worth shopping with DSW?

Ans. Yes, definitely because they have cheap rates and providing good quality products. 

Does DSW price match amazon?

I’m afraid to inform you, as DSW doesn’t  honor Price Match  currently as they claim that prices are less compared to other competitors

Is there any discounts on buying products from DSW?

Ans. From the records, we have not seen any discounts offering by DSW.

Does DSW price match with other stores?

DSW doesn’t price match their own store prices if price gets lowered after purchase, so they do not price match with any other retailer stores as well.

Does DSW offers any coupons?

Ans. Yes, they have some coupon policies that you can see on their official website. 

DSW customer service number?

DSW customer service at 1-866-379-7463 from USA and 1-888-874-6326 from Canada.


So this is all about the DSW Price Match, as we know that DSW doesn’t offer a Price Match Policy but they already have very affordable rates as compared to other stores, so users don’t need to worry about that.

Hoping that the information is beneficial for you. For any queries related to this article, you can tell us in the comment section.

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