JCPenney Price Match and Adjustment guarantee policy online [2020]

JCPenney price match

JCPenney Price Match


JCPenney Price Match : JCPenney is one of the largest departmental stores in America that deals in almost all types of products of regular use like clothing, home furnishing, cookware, accessories, and many more things. But the main scope of this article is does JCPenney price match online?

As we have seen many peoples are searching whether JCPenney provides any price adjustment or not. That’s why today in this article we will provide you all the relevant information regarding the JCPenney price adjustment. 

About JCPenney Price Match Policy

JCPenney does the price match only if a user got the same product from different retail outlet at a cheaper price. JCPenney does price match for the identical products. As there are some conditions of JCPenney for price match. Let us know about that as below.

  • The price match will take place only if the same product is available at the store.
  • JCPenney will check the price index of the competitor’s firm from where you are getting the product at a cheaper price. 
  • Price match will take place within 14 days of the prescribed time from your purchase and you have to apply to the JCPenney official store. 
  • JCPenney will go for a price match when you bought a product from them and the same product is available at a cheaper rate on any other store.
  • JCPenney will not go for a price match if the same product just goes on a sale.

Few Metrics to follow requesting price match

There is some process that a user needs to follow while going for a price match.

  • A user needs to present the electronic advertisement on your phone that you have seen. 
  • After you have submitted, JCPenney will do the inquiry from their sources. Till then, a user has to wait.
  • A user needs to submit a copy of the advertisement that they have seen in the competitor’s store showing the identical product. 
  • The ad witness you have submitted should be clear and there should proper visibility of the price tag of that particular product.

About JCPenney Price Adjustment

Price Adjustment means the difference amount of the product purchased earlier and the present rate of the same product. The price adjustment will take place only after the confirmation, which will happen when JCPenney confirms the price from their online and offline stores. 

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There is a period of 14 days in which a user has to go for the price adjustment. If the user’s purchase has more than 14 days happened then they will not liable for the price adjustment. After the proper verification and authentication of the claim, the user will be able to get the difference amount that they have paid more at the time of purchase. 

Exclusions while requesting JCPenney price match

As there are some exceptions that a user needs to know before going for a price match. JCPenney will not go for price adjustment in the conditions that we have given below – 

  • If there are any offers at the competitor’s store then JCPenney will not go for a price match.
  • Any discount offer on your credit card or if you have any type of coupon for a particular product then a user will not be eligible for this process.
  • Any type of expired ads in a competitor’s store are also part of exclusion.
  • If there are any Pricing errors at the competitor’s shop then JCPenney will not go for this process.
  • Puerto Rico and Alaska stores of JCPenney have no facility of price match for any of their product. 
  • The installation charges and the delivery charges that a user had already paid will not attain to the claim.

Faqsprice match faqs

Does JCPenney provide price match?

Yes, they honor price match online purchases as well as in-store purchases.

Does JCPenney do price adjustment?

Yes, if any purchased product is lowered within 14 days, then it is eligible.

Does JCPenney price match Kohls, amazon, Walmart?

JCPenney will price match any major e-commerce online retailer or in-store retail competitor.

Does jcpenney price match other stores?

Yes, JCPenney match’s other store price if price gets lowered.

How much timeframe JCPenney provides for requesting price match?

You can request for price adjustment within 14 days from the date of purchase.

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I know how hard we earn money and I myself try to find some best discounted offers to get done shopping at lower price then other retailers are priced at. In this blog we will strive hard to provide you in detail guide about price matching done by all the major retailers.

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