Lowes Price Match Guarantee and Adjustment policy [Rules to follow]

lowes price match

As we have seen many peoples are searching for Lowes Price Match Guarantee on the Internet. Any retailers if they match prices which is an amazing thing for all the users but still, there are some doubts in the user’s mind that we will clear in this article.

We have a team who has done in-depth analysis on this atopic to provide you this information. So be with us to know more about Lowes Price Match Policy.

About Lowes Price Match Policy

Basically If a user finds an identical product on any other retails outlet or online at a cheaper rate then he can request for Price Match to get this same item for lower price. Many retailers have price match policy and luckily Lowes accept price match guarantee.

Many peoples have asked about Lowes Price Match online and Amazon. Will Lowes Price Match?lowes logo

So let me tell you that Lowes will also include shipping and deliver feeds at the time of price match.

For an online price match, you can call this number on their customer care 1-877-465-6937. Once they know about your query, they will start the validation process. 

Now if a user wants to Price Match with Amazon then they need to search the item on Amazon and then take the printout of that particular page with the price and the current date.

Keep the thing in mind that Lowes will go for a price match only if there is no third-party included in the deal. 

Process of Lowes Price Match

Lowes had a good customer service department. So before applying for a price match, a user needs to confirm whether their item is qualified for a price match.

As some exclusions will not follow Price Match Guarantee, that we will discuss later. The users need to visit the outlet or desk to initiate the process. price match image

Users can also go to the Lowes website and the customer needs to provide proof of the product on which they want a price match.

In the form of proof, a user needs to submit the advertisement copy or printed copy. If a user doesn’t have this documents then they can also fill a digital form of those ads.

After that, Lowes will go for the price validation and there should be the mobile phone presented at the time of validation. 

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As we have already said that certain items will not include in Lowes Price Match Policy. As they have stated but we can consider those items as exclusions, which means Lowes will not go for Price Match in these items.

  • The competitor’s service charges are fully excluded like labor charges.
  • The Out of Stock product will also be excluded from the price match.
  • The items that are discontinued from the store are excluded.
  • Credit terms and other offers are also excluded.
  • Offers for senior citizens.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 free sale is also excluded.
  • Coupons and other discount schemes.
  • The item bought through any auction website. 
  • Any advertising pricing error or misprint.

Before going to enjoy the Price Matching Guarantee policy, you should check the list whether your item is not on this list.

Users don’t forget to confirm the price from the company before going for a price match to avoid any type of inconvenience. 

Lowes Price Adjustment

Price Adjustment means that if you are getting the identical product at any other store or outlet at a cheaper price then the company will be able to provide you the difference amount. 

Here Lowed will go for the price adjustment if the product is not more than 30 days old.

Users need to keep the bill with them, as it is necessary to apply for price adjustment. After 30 days, they are not liable to pay you any difference amount, as it is mentioned in their policy.

After applying for the price adjustment, they will go with a validation process in their way.

When they got that your information is correct then they will return you the difference amount. 


Which retailers are considered as local retailers when going for a price match?price match faqs

Ans. Those retail shops which are in the market that can validate the price and update the list of all the items on the website. So that validation can be done properly.

Is it necessary that the item should be in stock for a price match?

Ans. Yes, it is necessary to have the same item in stock so that Lowes can successfully price match with the competitor. 

Can I apply for the Price Match after purchase?

Ans. Yes, if you find the identical product at the competitor’s store at a cheaper price than Lowes then you are liable for the Price Match after purchase.

Does Lowes match previous purchase or after purchase?

Yes, if your order is within given timeframe of price match policy.

Does Lowes do price match with amazon, AJ Madison, Brandsmart USA, Costco, Home Depot?

Yes, if it qualifies they do price match with amazon.

Lowes price guarantee 30 days canada?

Yes, if the price goes lower within 30 days, lesser price will be counted and refund of difference amount is credited to same mode of payment.

Lowes price guarantee 30 days?

Yes, they do honor price adjustment if your order is within given timeframe.


So this is all about the Lowes Price Match Policy. The process is quite simple to apply for a Price Match. The only thing is that users need to keep all the things like excluded items in mind before going for a Price Match. 

The terms and conditions are quite fair, users just need to bring all the relevant documents or proof when they go for Price Match.

A good thing is that all the Lowes stores are also covered in this policy, so if a user is getting some difference from their own store, then they are liable for the price match.

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I know how hard we earn money and I myself try to find some best discounted offers to get done shopping at lower price then other retailers are priced at. In this blog we will strive hard to provide you in detail guide about price matching done by all the major retailers.

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