Does Ulta offer price match, In-Detail about their policy [2020]

ulta price match

If you have doubt “Does Ulta price match?” and their policy related questions, we will make sure to cover everything in this article and try not to bore you with unrelated stuff. You might have surfed multiple websites for same answer however rest be assured you have landed on right page.

Upon doing in-depth research to get genuine information about Ulta Price Match policy we are publishing this article to clear for what you had landed on this page.

Ulta Price Match Policy:

Trust is an important factor for any brand while doing shopping online and few might stick and their trusted retailers for any kind of shopping like Amazon, Target, Walmart and more.

Price Match program can save a lot of money while doing shopping online with major e-commerce business retailers and many have implemented this matching prices of other retailers to gain more profits and convert leads into conversions.

Retailers try their best to provide lower price comparing with others and few higher (it depends). Using Price Match policy you can match any retailers prices by contacting support teams (Terms and conditions apply).

Ulta Beauty is a American brand provides service like skincare brands, fragrance’s , hair products and other products as well. Ulta Beauty is the massive beauty spa in US with best quality and pricing.

You know what Ulta beauty spa offer pricing’s according to your budget like say if you have specific range please let them know and everything will be taken care (expensive or low-price).  Let us know which service you would like to opt for and I will be waiting in comment section.

You might be thinking why am I providing all this information about Ulta beauty and not answering to your question “Does Ulta Price Match online and in store?” correct?

Let’s get to the point now, usually price match is taken place when we see lower price for the same product offered by other retailer. Few folks don’t encourage to shop with any others rather  prefer to do online shopping on their commonly shopping retailer to build their shopping account more authority and get benefits from it like earning points which can be applied while placing order to lower total order amount.

We are afraid to inform you that, present Ulta beauty spa has paused their price match program and no information is updated on their official policy page yet.

Right now if you find any website with lower price and if you wish to purchase with Ulta beauty spa with same lower price it cannot be honored.


Does Ulta offer price adjustment after purchase?

Few online retailers will have price adjustment policy. Price adjustment is nothing but getting refund of partial amount with lowered price on any eligible retailer or within competitor like Ulta.

This price adjustment can be honored within certain timeframe and it depends upon individual retailer. Almost retailers will offer price adjustment until your order is within return and exchange period.

Here is a sad news for us that Ulta does honor price adjustment policy as well. If you find any website with lower price and you are within timeframe we personally suggest you to return and re-purchase it if you have patience and time otherwise refund cannot be processed once order is placed.

Faqs:cvs price match faqs

Does Ulta price match macy’s?

As we have discussed above Ulta doesn’t price match with Macy’s.

Does Ulta price match target , sephora , Amazon?

The is “No”😞

Customer service number for Ulta?

Here it is 1-866-983-8582

Does Ulta offer student and birthday discounts?

Good News, Ulta is currently offering these discounts to their members 🙂

Wrapping up :

We hope you have enjoyed while reading this article on ulta price match policy details. If you have any doubts please do let us know.


I know how hard we earn money and I myself try to find some best discounted offers to get done shopping at lower price then other retailers are priced at. In this blog we will strive hard to provide you in detail guide about price matching done by all the major retailers.

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